Welcome, come submissively for Theology is an empty vessel without grace in the heart.

This is designed to be a Christ focused expository look at common questions and basic biblical and theological terms. I wish for us to examine in the simplest terms, so even I can comprehend, as they are expounded upon in the bible, answers to foundations of sound doctrine and look towards the single focus of glorifying God.

I pray that we come humblily to His Word and He opens our hearts to His message and blinds us to our ignorance. In Jesus name, Amen…

August 21, 2004

What is predestination?

Whatever is done was foreordained and decided before time by the council of His own will (Eph 1:11). We know, or should believe that God made all things for himself (Pro 16:4). I can not accept, nor does the scripture support that God decreed man, placed him on the earth, then left him to his own destiny. Instead he fixed all circumstances to preserve them (Neh 9:6, Mat 6:26). Being God is eternal and not bond by our time his decrees are also eternal, not made in time but before time. (Eph 1:4). Predestinate means simply to pre-determine. It means that all destiny was settled by God and infallibly secured by Him before the world began. When I say all of God’s decrees, I mean all. God in His providence, wisdom, and determinate counsel extends to all things including the first fall of Adam and all other sinful actions of angels and men (Rom 1:24). I must take great care in my explanation that even though He controls all things, God who being absolutely holy and righteous neither is nor can be the author or approver of sin (Jam 1:13). All I can do to expand upon this is to say that by God’s secret council and good pleasure of His will, has foreordained all things for a manifestation of His glory (I Cor 1:31). Simply put, some men and angels are predestinated or elected to eternal life through Jesus to praise His glorious grace (Eph 1:6). While others are left to act in their works, their sins, and their condemnation to praise His glorious justice (Rom 5:20, 9:22). God not only knows and insures all things to come to pass but all things infallibly come to pass for God’s glory (Isa 63:14).

Do not fear predestination, but rejoice in it. It is not that He is keeping those away from Heaven; He is providing the only means possibly. This is the assurance that gives peace to a believer. For He did not look to what we have or will do but rather looked at us only through His Son as one of His own. This is what fills my heart with hope that God who is holy choose me as His own before the beginning of time (Act 13:48, Rom 8:30). I am comforted and insured that God not only knows what will happen in the future but it is unchangeable and He insures that those things shall come to pass (Luk 21:18, Rom 9:11).