Welcome, come submissively for Theology is an empty vessel without grace in the heart.

This is designed to be a Christ focused expository look at common questions and basic biblical and theological terms. I wish for us to examine in the simplest terms, so even I can comprehend, as they are expounded upon in the bible, answers to foundations of sound doctrine and look towards the single focus of glorifying God.

I pray that we come humblily to His Word and He opens our hearts to His message and blinds us to our ignorance. In Jesus name, Amen…

August 14, 2004

What is the purpose of man?

On the sixth day “God created man in His own image, in the image of God created him; male and female created He them” (Gen 1:27). God created man out of the dust of the earth for His glory. God breathed life into his nostrils and man became a rational, moral being, with a free soul (Gen 2:7). In that he is free thinking (Gen 2:19) and felling (Gen 3:10). With that he has a free will (Gen 3:6) and a nature that was righteous and truly holy and without sin (Eph 4:23-24). He was given knowledge and the law of God written on his heart and had the power to fulfill it. After the fall he was no less a rational, moral being, with a free soul. Because of the fall that nature died and the sinless perfection that God created is no more through man (Gen 2:17). What remains is man’s will with the law of God remaining transcribed on his heart and through Jesus the power to fulfill it (Rom 5:19).

So if that is our history what still is our purpose? Man’s chief purpose is to glorify God (I Cor 10:31), and for His elect to enjoy Him forever (Ps 73:25-26).