Welcome, come submissively for Theology is an empty vessel without grace in the heart.

This is designed to be a Christ focused expository look at common questions and basic biblical and theological terms. I wish for us to examine in the simplest terms, so even I can comprehend, as they are expounded upon in the bible, answers to foundations of sound doctrine and look towards the single focus of glorifying God.

I pray that we come humblily to His Word and He opens our hearts to His message and blinds us to our ignorance. In Jesus name, Amen…

July 03, 2004

What is Armenian (Freewill) & Calvinism (salvation by grace)?

I want to first state that in any absents of grace that any doctrine or beliefs will lead straight to Hell. CH Spurgeon said “Beware of relying upon orthodoxy for without love to Christ with all your correctness of doctrine, you will be as a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal” (Psm 18:28).

He who cast his soul entirely on the free grace of God, who through the merits of His Son, as both justifier and redeemer, is by their very testimony a Calvinist. Calvinism is not a set of points nor a doctrine in itself. The beliefs, articulated by the flesh, are dependence upon God and to say complete salvation is of the Lord. I don’t wont someone to see Calvinism as a path. It is not dependent on a choice of theology but reliant on grace. Depravity is not a resolve to a condition but an enlightment of a need (II Cor 2:14). Election is not excepting a doctrinal truth but by the grace of God hope for that sinner (Rom 11:5). Atonement is not what you seek but an act of completion (John 19:30). His calling is not a suggested path but a gracious command (Gal 1:15). Perseverance is not to dwell in your sins but true peace (Psm 30:3). The doctrines of grace, founded in the scriptures, is a since of need, a condition of helplessness, an utter dependence on God, and satisfaction in His finished work (Rom 8:30).

Others believe that God wants everybody to be saved and offers grace that man’s free will may decide to partake. This implies a weakness instead of guilt inherited from Adam. This implies a dept based on the obedience of the sinner rather than grace. This implies that those He died for that it was not sufficient for some are burning in Hell. This implies that God’s decree may not come to pass and what God wants He cannot achieve. If this is true the scriptures are incorrect describing man as dead in sins (Rom 6:2). If this is true the death of Christ was a failure with redemption dependant on the will of man and an implied inability to save His sheep from hell (Mat 1:21). If this is true security of a believer rest on the abilities of the flesh (Heb 15:5).

Armenian, free will, and most modern religion all ends in the same place. No matter what the path or beliefs it ends with redemption of sins. Calvinism, doctrines of grace, or the gospel begins with it. Praise God for His mercy and His sovereign electing grace (Rom 5:8-9).