Welcome, come submissively for Theology is an empty vessel without grace in the heart.

This is designed to be a Christ focused expository look at common questions and basic biblical and theological terms. I wish for us to examine in the simplest terms, so even I can comprehend, as they are expounded upon in the bible, answers to foundations of sound doctrine and look towards the single focus of glorifying God.

I pray that we come humblily to His Word and He opens our hearts to His message and blinds us to our ignorance. In Jesus name, Amen…

September 25, 2004

Does it matter what you believe?

I cringe when I hear someone say, “it doesn’t matter what you believe, we are all going to the same place”. The fact is there can be no unity or fellowship outside of a foundation of sound doctrine (Rom 16:17). To say that it doesn’t matter what you believe is to say it doesn’t matter what the Bible says and that His word is insignificant (I Tim 4:13). To say that it is ok to wonder in false doctrine and knowing continue to sin and blasphemy God’s word is heresy (I Tim 4:1-2).

What you believe is the foundation for saving faith (I Tim 4:16). What you believe is the essence of comfort to a believer (Rom 15:4). A sound doctrine causes one not to waver and may convince nay-Sayers (Tit 1:9). And sound doctrine exhorts God and glorifies His finished work (Jhn 7:16-18; Tit 2:10).

Everyone believes something; it is important what you hold on to for your security and steadfast believe. Search the scriptures, mediate on His word, and pray for revelation. Desire to understand Christ doctrine for there is great profit in them. Finally take inventory of yourself and what you believe. Examine what you think is truth and sincerely ask yourself this.
- Is it based on scriptures alone or is it what someone else told you it should be.
- Is it based on grace alone or is there merit in anything you do or add.
- Does it exhorts God and is focused on Christ alone or is wrapped in what you should do.
False doctrine is anything that is contrary to these revelations and must be avoided (I Tim 1:3-4; II Jhn :10).